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This blog is a campaign of saving girl child as people doing bad practice and killing them even before birth. It's to let them to know, "How precious a Girl is!" So be a member of this campaign and share this on your Facebook, twitter, Google plus account or mail your friends and spread the awareness. You can do every possible thing that you think is right to stop this murders. Look-up around you and see if this is happening and try to stop is by hook or crook.

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Uplift The Indian Girl Child

Time has now come for India to unshackle its prejudices against girls and see them with more respect and dignity. For years, the Indian girl child has suffered injustice at the hands of a male dominated society. This has to stop for in this century for India to be a global superpower, it has to have equal participation of women. India is a country with a one of the highest female feticides cases in the world. Little girls are murdered in the wombs of their mother. They are not born because of their gender. Imagine the plight of those, who are born in this kind of environment.

They are abused, dominated and restricted in the boundaries of their homes. They can’t wander off anywhere without consent. Education and knowledge is kept out of bounds to them. As soon as they are of marriageable age, they are married off. Their new home is no better than the one from which they have come. Here too, they are seen as an outsider and subjected to indignity and oppression. She is not seen as an equal partner in her marriage. The Indian girl child has a very tragic and difficult life.

The best way out of this, is to recognize the problem. Most people are in denial. They refuse to see this issue which has perpetuated as a disease in our country. The Indian girl child has rights and is entitled to t hem. We cannot deny these to them. Right to live is one of the most basic human rights. Female feticide has to stop. Already laws are in place to protect the rights of girls. But it will need the collective effort of all sections of the society to weed of this evil from our minds and our country.

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