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This blog is a campaign of saving girl child as people doing bad practice and killing them even before birth. It's to let them to know, "How precious a Girl is!" So be a member of this campaign and share this on your Facebook, twitter, Google plus account or mail your friends and spread the awareness. You can do every possible thing that you think is right to stop this murders. Look-up around you and see if this is happening and try to stop is by hook or crook.

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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Girl Education – It is very Important in this Age of Globalization

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Children's rights are one of the human rights of children with special attention to the rights of a particular security and protection and care which is afforded to minors, these rights mainly afforded to the association with both parents, human identity and also the fundamental requirements for food, nutrition, universal state-paid health care, education and criminal laws suitable for their age and development of the child.

Understanding of children's rights starts from allowing children the capability for self-directed action for the enforcement of children. This right makes the free from physically, mentally and emotionally abuse. Remembering the matter of children rights, some country which is under the UNISEF make some child welfare program. These welfare programs are mainly organized by NGO’s. Free education, free handcraft training, etc are under this well fare program. So if somebody has to develop some child welfare program, then he/she must remember that free child education along with good school facilities have to be provided.

Girl education is one of the effective and powerful tools which can make as well as opens up new opportunities to all types of people. In ancient India, the woman is always positioned at a higher and sacred position. But women have lost their position and once a time came when women were totally refrained from obtaining a proper education. But recently the situation has been quite changed, there are lots of girls' schools were opened in all parts of the country. Now properly educated women are considered as same as men.

It is a true fact that, Women Empowerment in India is one of the tough as well as challenging task as we require to acknowledge the point. The point is that gender centered category is a deep rooted communal malice practiced in India in numerous types since centuries. Increasing rules, regulations and strategy are not sufficient as it is observed that all most all times such rules and regulations just remain on the document. Dealing with the Women Empowerment in India is one of the long drawn battle against community cultural structural forces that are also against female's development in the society.

Friday, 29 August 2014

A Poem on Saving Girl Child By A Pharmaceutical Company

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A Leading Pharmaceutical Company's poster I spotted in a clinic, I go for check ups. When I saw the poster with such lines; I was cleared to share this with all of you. Such campaigning by a pharmaceutical company and promoting it in clinics and hospitals helps it going viral. The main thing is, It was written in Hindi and so people who couldn't read English but think of having boy instead girl could easily connect to it. and understand the importance of girl child, daughter, wife and mother. 

Even though, everyone knows the fact that woman is as important as water to give birth a baby boy but unfortunately, one they get married with a girl; they want baby boy. I hope by reading these wonderful and heart touching lines and even by observing girls nearby who are helping their parents instead of their brother. Here, I want to make it clear of not having any intention of saying that boys doesn't take care of their parents. But it's the girl who always take care of them even after marriage. Here is the poem based on Saving girl child that I spotted in a clinic. Read the post for Saving girl child slogan here.

बोये जाते हैं बेटे
और उग  आती हैं बेटियां
खाद -पानी बेटों में
और लहलहाती हैं बेटियां
एवरेस्ट की ऊंचाइयों तक ठेले जाते हैं बेटे
और चढ़ जाती हैं बेटियां
रुलाते हैं बेटे
और रोतीं हैं बेटियां
कई तरह गिरते हैं बेटे
संभाल लेती हैं बेटियां
सुख के स्वप्न दिखाते बेटे
जीवन का यथार्थ बेटियां
जीवन तो बेटो का है
और मारी जाती हैं बेटियां

                                        - बेटी बचाओ
                                        (Save The Girl Child)

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